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  • Dermal Fillers | Luxie Clinic

    Dermal Fillers Reduce Wrinkles & Plump Skin You can change your skin with our Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers, they will plump, sculpt and transform. Here at Luxie Clinic, our specialists work hard to refine, soften and give you more symmetry into your appearance. Desired looks There are many reasons to have a dermal filler treatment, we recommend having a consultation with one of our specialists. What to expect at Luxie Clinic: ​ Minimal downtime. Lasts 9-18 months. Enhanced look. Immediate results. Works well with Anti-Wrinkle injections. Get In Touch Treatments Hydrate & Red Carpet Filler Can be used on face and lips, perfect skin booster for hydration. Deep Wrinkles Filler Used for deep wrinkles to create fullness and add structure. Fine Wrinkles Filler Skin boosters for hydration, facial wrinkles and volume loss. Facial Contouring Filler Cheeks, jawline and chin area to add definition. Lip Filler Perfect for lips and mouth area to add fullness, plump and symmetry. ​ Get In Touch Get in touch Since we opened our clinic, your health and wellbeing has been the forefront of our services as we build high-quality bespoke treatments. Submit

  • About | Luxie Clinic

    We’re a family run Aesthetics, Podiatry and Beauty Clinic in York, and want help our clients with everything from gorgeous skin, healthcare, and relaxation. ​ We proudly offer a range of treatments – Injectables, Dermal Fillers, or Non-Surgical Enhancements, Podiatry, Microblading, Beauty and more – delivered by specialists, helping build your desired appearance and confidence. ​ Ultimately, we work to give you the most naturally enhanced version of yourself – you’ll leave feeling relaxed, more knowledgeable and looking your best.

  • | Luxie Clinic | Makeup

    Bespoke Makeup With over 7 years makeup experience, our bespoke occasional service will make any day s pecial and rememberable. Bride including Trial *£100 Bridesmaid or Occasion *£55 Under 16's *£20 Prom *£35 *Please note: Prices are subject to change, these are a guide price, please contact for more information.

  • Eyelashes | Luxie Clinic

    Eyelashes Enhance your beauty Individually placed by our expert technicians, we can redefine your naturally beauty and no more annoying mascara. With everyday care you will discover your new favourite treatment. Russian Handcraft, our Russian lashes made with the technician’s artistry. This sensational treatment creates volume, thickness, and dramatically dark lash line look. No more eye liner needed. Bringing definition, their lightweight nature wraps around the natural lash to ensure retention can be much longer than classic lash extension time. Our Russian lashes should lash about 4-6 weeks, with an infill every 2-3 weeks. This will keep your lashes looking abundant and lush. If you have incredibly fine or brittle eyelashes, and you want more volume, you’ll find Russians lashes will benefit you as they can be created to suit your lashes individually and will not cause breakage or damage if cared for. Get In Touch Classic With every placement of a classic lash your eye becomes more defined and structured. Depending on your lifestyle or occasion, your technician will enhance your natural features and made a lash set you will love. With regular infills you can slowly change your set into different styles if you wish. You will benefit from this treatment if you prefer a soft natural appearance, but mascara is not quite helping. It will ensure your lashes are more symmetrical and with our care routine they will last up to 4 weeks. Get In Touch Treatments Handmade Russian Eyelashes Soft to dramatic appearance Handmade Hybrid Eyelashes Textured appearance (mixed Russian/classic) Classic Eyelashes Soft and define appearance Removal Book if you have lashes from another practitioner Eyelash Bath In need of a deep clean lashes ​ Get In Touch Get in touch Since we opened our clinic, your health and wellbeing has been the forefront of our services as we build high-quality bespoke treatments. Submit

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    Podiatry A new you We can help give you the health and care you deserve, with over 20 years experience in the NHS our expert is here to deliver your footcare needs. PODIATRY Podiatry at the Luxie Clinic has an initial consultation recommended for new clients. Our treatments include all foot health needs, corn callus reduction, nail treatments, biomechanics, verrucae, pedicure, assessment and advice. Get in Touch ​ About Us ​ Book Now PODIATRY We want to offer you the best care, with over 18 years experience in the National Health Service (NHS) and Private. Our Podiatrist has Bachelors Honours Degree in Podiatry, registered to the Health and Care Professionals Council as well as being a member of the college of Podiatry ​ In your general maintenance we can create a treatment plan more suited to you. REVIEWS 'Angela is very reliable and professional with her job, I have been coming to her for years.' ​ Murrin 2021 'I really recommend this service with Angela as she's lovely and makes the whole treatment enjoyable.' ​ Brooke 2021 Get in touch Since we opened our clinic, your health and wellbeing has been the forefront of our services as we build high-quality bespoke treatments. Submit

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    Opening Hours Our Location Contact Details Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm Sat: 10am - 4pm Sun: Closed Luxie Clinic 144 Askham Lane, YO24 3HR Free Parking Tel: +44 7746504449 Podiatry: +44 7761213386 Email: luxieclinic@outlook.com Social Accounts @luxieclinic Contact Leave your message here Submit Thanks for submitting! Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself.

  • Wrinkle Treatments | Luxie Clinic

    Reduce Wrinkles Anti Wrinkle Once you begin feeling that your skin is making you look older than you feel, it is time to do something about it. Injections are a preventative measure to ensure your skin is smooth, soft, and youthful in appearance whilst subtly enhancing to minimise the appearance of any treatment. Aging is a natural step in life, and with this our body reduces its elastin and collagen, leaving skin dull, sagging, and slack. The results with regular treatments will ensure your skin stays supple and firm delicate skin. Desired looks At Luxie Clinic, we offer you treatments to target lines and wrinkles of the forehead and eyes. These are designed to leave your skin looking youthful, soft and enhanced look. You will still look like yourself but this treatment will help you feel confidence and help you look refreshed and rejuvenated. What to expect at Luxie Clinic: ​ Minimal downtime. Lasts around 4 months. Subtle change. Immediant results. Works well with Dermal Fillers. Get In Touch Treatments 1 area Choose 1: forehead, between brows, or eyes. 2 areas Choose 2: forehead, between brows, or eyes. 3 areas Forehead, between brows, and eyes. Top up This is a 2 week consultation to check your results and make any tweaks. Consultation As this is a prescription medicine you will be offered a consultation before treatment. ​ Get In Touch Get in touch Since we opened our clinic, your health and wellbeing has been the forefront of our services as we build high-quality bespoke treatments. Submit

  • Clinic | Luxie Clinic | England

    AESTHETICS PODIATRY BEAUTY WELCOME WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU Your journey to luxury skin starts here. At Luxie Clinic, York, our specialists work with you to naturally improve your appearance through Aesthetics, Podiatry and Beauty. You’ll love your results for time to come. Get in Touch ​ About Us ​ ​ AESTHETICS NATURAL ENHACEMENTS A natural appearance is our goal with Dermal Fillers, Anti-wrinkle injections and more. We pride ourselves on being subtle and ensuring you receive knowledge on every treatment provided. Get in Touch ​ About Us ​ ​ PODIATRY PROFESSIONAL HEALTHCARE Our private podiatrist gives you some of our relaxation services and puts your health first. Learn more about podiatry and the way it may improve your wellbeing. Our services will soon include luxury pedicures. Get in Touch ​ About Us ​ BEAUTY ENHANCED BEAUTY Lash extensions, Facials and various other beauty essentials. We have an expert team and we use the best products we can get our hands on. Get in Touch ​ About Us ​

  • Eyebrows | Luxie Clinic

    HD MAKEOVERS AVAILABLE HERE Bespoke style Tint, Wax, Thread Regrowth Plan Natural or Glam Finish £27 Lamination Lamination, giving you naturally fuller looking eyebrows after just one treatment, reshaping, and defining your natural style immediately. You can choose which style of brow you prefer, and our technician can help reshape and colour for you. You can pair this treatment with our Microblading treatment, to get your enhanced eyebrow with soft adding hairs using a semi-permanent tattoo.