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Freckled Skin

Dermal Fillers

Reduce Wrinkles & Plump Skin 

You can change your skin with our Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers, they will plump, sculpt and transform. Here at Luxie Clinic, our specialists work hard to refine, soften and give you more symmetry into your appearance. 

Woman Having Lip Botox
Desired looks

There are many reasons to have a dermal filler treatment, we recommend having a consultation with one of our specialists.


What to expect at Luxie Clinic:

  • Minimal downtime.

  • Lasts 9-18 months.

  • Enhanced look.

  • Immediate results.

  • Works well with Anti-Wrinkle injections.

Neck and Chin

Hydrate & Red Carpet Filler

Can be used on face and lips, perfect skin booster for hydration.

Deep Wrinkles Filler

Used for deep wrinkles to create fullness and add structure. 

Fine Wrinkles Filler

Skin boosters for hydration, facial wrinkles and volume loss.

Facial Contouring Filler

Cheeks, jawline and chin area to add definition.

Lip Filler

Perfect for lips and mouth area to add fullness, plump and symmetry.  

Get in touch

Since we opened our clinic, your health and wellbeing has been the forefront of our services as we build high-quality bespoke treatments.

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