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Eyes and Brows


Enhance your beauty

Individually placed by our expert technicians, we can redefine your naturally beauty and no more annoying mascara. With everyday care you will discover your new favourite treatment.

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Handcraft, our Russian lashes made with the technician’s artistry. This sensational treatment creates volume, thickness, and dramatically dark lash line look. No more eye liner needed. Bringing definition, their lightweight nature wraps around the natural lash to ensure retention can be much longer than classic lash extension time.

Our Russian lashes should lash about 4-6 weeks, with an infill every 2-3 weeks. This will keep your lashes looking abundant and lush. If you have incredibly fine or brittle eyelashes, and you want more volume, you’ll find Russians lashes will benefit you as they can be created to suit your lashes individually and will not cause breakage or damage if cared for.

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With every placement of a classic lash your eye becomes more defined and structured. Depending on your lifestyle or occasion, your technician will enhance your natural features and made a lash set you will love. With regular infills you can slowly change your set into different styles if you wish. You will benefit from this treatment if you prefer a soft natural appearance, but mascara is not quite helping. It will ensure your lashes are more symmetrical and with our care routine they will last up to 4 weeks.


Handmade Russian Eyelashes

Soft to dramatic appearance

Handmade Hybrid Eyelashes

Textured appearance (mixed Russian/classic)

Classic Eyelashes

Soft and define appearance


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Eyelash Bath

In need of a deep clean lashes

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Since we opened our clinic, your health and wellbeing has been the forefront of our services as we build high-quality bespoke treatments.

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